Some of the paintings on his website are being offered for sale for thousands of pounds. The most expensive, Domestic Violence One, for £17,600, was created by artist Pete Jones, a former art director at the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency in the 1990s.

Paintings of Nigella Lawson being throttled for sale on Saatchi’s website

52-year-old Pete Jones submitted ‘Last Course’ - a picture of Lawson throttling herself, painted on a breadboard, which is up for auction for a cool £17,600.

Another print by UK artist Pete Jones called ‘Last Course’ shows a pop art -inspired image of a woman being abused by a hand while she asks”So..this is how it all...ends.”

The most expensive is Domestic Violence One, on sale for £17,600. It was created by Pete Jones, a former art director at the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency.

One of the pictures is a pop art rendition of the throttle, mounted on a chopping board and entitled ‘LastCourse’ (£17,6000)

Among the risque renditions are London-based artist Pete Jones’s Roy Lichtenstein-inspired painting Last Course(2014)

The Mail on Sunday

And Pete Jones, 52, decided to list two paintings depicting the photograph. Last Course is a portrait of

Ms Lawson with hands on her throat painted on a bread board. He is also selling Domestic Irony One,  an oil painting, for $30,000 (£17,600). “ When the pictures hit the newspapers the photo said

“ Come and paint me” Mr Jones said. “ Its not the best execution, but thats not whats important. Its ironic that this painting is for sale as art and theres Mr Saatchi lining his pockets from it. He’s profiting from the image.”

For sale on Saatchi’s own art website... bizarre paintings that mock Nigella Lawson throttling. A painting on the website called Last Course, by Pete Jones, is pictured left,

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