the film was written by Connor Stevens & Charlie Ditchfield

Honda F1 Racing.

The ECD at Digitas knows I’m a formula one junkie. Although a loyal Ferrari fan she brought me in to help out on a Honda F1 brief for a long format film. To advise creative, answer F1 questions, to inform other agency staffers and to lend love and enthusiasm to the creative process.

Honda are the engine supplier to both RedBull F1 teams. The film was to drumroll the start of the 2020 season based on Honda’s obsession with engineering where tiny adjustments at the factory have huge benefits on track. The ideas were to amplify the creative thought across different social media Instagram etc and racing related sites.

Art Direction by Pete Jones                                                                                                                      Work  About  Contact                             

Amplification ideas

Honda Racing’s 2020 pre season film

Concepts to run alongside Honda racing’s season opening film for different media.