2. Halifax. Savers prize draw reminder letter

Savings Account holders were automatically entered into a monthly draw depending on their balance. This brief was to remind savers to increase their savings to the correct level in order to be entered. the clients, suits & planners developed a brief for a simple letter Instead I presented something that felt much closer to the excitement of winning big Home


1. Lloyds asked for braver work. And ran it

Aside from a month spent at Lloyds HQ in Bishopsgate analysing their home insurance product for research groups, I picked up all the Lloyds briefs no other team wanted. Club Lloyds is way of offering extra benefits to current account holders, the pack was aimed at Current Account holders who still hadn’t upgraded via a previous mailing. The brief called for a letter, something quick and easy, half a day at most. I wrote the outer line thinking it would probably be far too political for the suits to present & for the clients to buy. Surprisingly it was the concept the client embraced and went on to produced. Seems very apt given the european woes. Mock up only as it was impossible to get samples. 2017



3. Natwest One Account launch. Do it in one

This new bank account combined savings mortgage and current accounts into one account hence do it in one. Cannes finalists


Headline How to reduce your mortgage by £28,000

4. American Express BA credit card. Concept

Collect BA Miles faster. Fly to exotic destinations for free long before their apocalyptic end Presented several times but never ran