Club Lloyds reminder

This was a never-going-to-leave-the agency-idea that left the agency.

The brief was for a reminder to Current Account holders who still hadn’t signed up to the benefits of Club Lloyds. 

It fell plumb in the middle of the Brexit referendum crisis. Although it was scamped up for a laugh we presented it internally. The suits and planners dismissed it but the group heads presented it to a brave client who loved and ran it.

There was no ownership of work at Prox. After the client bought this the job was passed to another team to complete the email. For my sins I was sent to Lloyds HQ for 3 weeks, to work with the client reevaluating there entire Home Insurance product and doing research groups.

Halifax prize draw reminder letter

Halifax are part of the Lloyds group.

This brief called for a letter nudging saving account holders to register in order to be included in a monthly draw. Somehow 3 pieces of layout pad taped together felt closer to the excitement of winning big. It had more excitement than a letter.

Digitally printed, with the name on a single line to allow for longer names. Easy-peasy to produce.

Never ran at this size, client didnt have the dosh. Wish the planners had spoken to me before writing the brief.

Lloyds. Quick quiz, short fold mailer.

This was a last minute brief to find an effective and engaging format. A short-fold mailer worked best for the money and time to produce. A lot of my time was spent firefighting at the drop of a hat. Think I had 2 hours on this.

A follow up to a previously successful pack, this mailer urged SME’s to re-evaluate their existing business banking based on an insight that relationship managers at other banks didn’t offer a level of service as personal as Lloyds.  Hence the opening line about asking yourself.

Artwork by Lucy Aird

Ask yourself when did your relationship manager last call you?

  1. A.Last week

  2. B.Not this year.

  3. C.I don’t have one

Mostly A.

You’ve almost had

a taste of life as a

Lloyds Bank Customer

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