The Economist. Shredder puzzle.

Highlighting Peter Souter’s famous Economist Shredder ad, these strips, made from thick card, had to be carefully arranged to spell out the headline A great press ad didn’t do his career any harm. Now it’s your turn. The puzzle was bound with a mock article detailing the awards, the website and entry details

The Newspaper Marketing Agency aimed to raise the profile of national newspaper ads A way to achieve this was to encourage better creative. They ran an annual competition with a £25,000 team prize. We aimed to raise awareness by hi-jacking past award winning ads, pushing the same high standards. Writer across all work: Helen Morgan

Banana desk drop.

Do you remember Wiedens’ Honda ad about the joy of writing in biro on a banana? 1000 bananas with hand written headlines were delivered to creative teams in London. We paid 5 students to come in over a weekend and write the headlines

Timberland. Daily Mirror poster.

We printed an exact copy of a Daily Mirror spread featuring the famous Timberland ad. Post-it notes with hand written headlines were then attached & the posters delivered by courier. We printed on thin newsprint and maintained the yellowed aged look of the original newspaper

Thanks to Tim Delaney for supplying all the media information we needed in finding the original Mirror and Telegraph spreads. The Post-it read Rediscover the lost craft of newspaper advertising and win £25K @

When the NMA asked us to promote their awards, we used ads that had already run.

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