Art Direction by Pete Jones

WHAT IF?  client  SKY F1

Redesigning sky F1 remote control

Sky broadcast Formula One but aesthetically the current Sky remote control unit has naff all to do with motor racing when it could so easily do in the form of an F1 steering wheel.

The one attribute remote control and steering wheel have in common is that they’re both festooned with buttons and functions. Sky could build on this similarity. An F1 remote control could feature all the functions of the current control unit plus other F1 related functions cleverly concealed in the array of buttons and switches on a F1 steering wheel.

As an F1 addict I’d rather be interacting with the on screen action using something that looked and felt the part. Plus, the market for F1 memorabilia including replica helmets, engine parts and steering wheels is huge. Fans like to own the smallest nut and bolt.

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