Social had over well 13,000 members at its peak. It kept owners in touch for many different reasons. Meets, banter, parts, technical developments. A different meaning to social. Vauxhall should have set up this site and owned the long term relationship between driver and brand.

Visiting the factory

Lotus built the VX220 turbo until it began to outsell other Lotus models.  Get behind the wheel not behind a desk. Visit to Hethel to see the prototype, tour the factory drive the car and meet with clients.

Electrical fire

All 1945 VX turbos Lotus built, sold. I bought one in 2003, drove the wheels off it, so many 30 mile trips to the shops that were just down the road. I didn’t need a destination just good roads. Sadly all good things came to an end in July 2020.


PETE JONES 07956 359 371   CASINO45@ICLOUD.COM   2022

VX220 turbo. The first ever online automotive launch

The Vauxhall VX220 turbo needed to be  experienced to be believed. The only way to demonstrate all its capabilities to the maximum and to give petrolheads an example of the adrenalin rush that came with the driving experience was to provide a virtual experience.

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