90 second film

Directed by Rob Harvey (Gladiator sfx) staring Niels Loeb the VX220 Turbo designer. It was shot over 3 days at Bedford Aerodrome. Stills took place at the same time as filming and later on in a studio. The film captured the raw excitement and beauty of the VX220 Turbo by putting the designer against the machine. It was as if the designer and car were testing each other, ending in a dramatic climax

The launch was complimented by streaming banners on appropriate lifestyle and specialist automotive sites. press directed readers to the microsite where visitors enjoyed an immersive 360 interactive experience that allowed them to strip the car down and explore the engineering and build

vauxhall VX220 Turbo. the first ever automotive online launch

The Vauxhall VX220 Turbo needed to be experienced to be believed. The only way to demonstrate all of it’s capabilities to the maximum and to give Petrolheads

an example of the adrenalin rush that came with the driving experience was to provide a virtual experience.   Agency / TBWA/GGT


These web pages had three functions, in creating a real feel for the car, providing specific technical info and providing an opportunity to test drive. The sheer drama created by the combination of leading edge films video, audio stylised photography key car facts and an extended test-drive special offer concluded in users booking that ultimate driving experience. As the car was designed for pure driving obsessives a 90 second film was the perfect intro to a website that provided a complete interactive experience

ROLE. Brand Guardian, Senior Art Director

Present initial concept internally and then to client. Sign off on internal design brief. Find and brief production company. Find and brief photographer. Integrate photography with filming and arrange studio shoot 

Develop microsite design together with digital designers. Work with above the line agency to integrate press. Attend meetings with client at significant development stage leading to final approval of all elements of the film and microsite Visit to Lotus factory to see the prototype, tour the factory meet with clients and take a passenger ride round the test circuit

Vauxhall went on to sell every VX220 Turbo Lotus built.


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