Art Direction by Pete Jones


Art Direction by Pete Jones


Humans 2 hijack

Proximity London did voluntary work for The Passage, a charity helping London’s homeless get off the streets.

This was a topical idea to run off the back of the launch of Humans 2 the  second series of the C4 hit drama.

Sadly we couldn’t get permission to present it.

Copy: Tony Abdool

In the future synth humans may exist. But in the present we’re helping the real ones. Often homeless through no fault of their own, they come to us for shelter and support. And we offer practical advice so they can transform their lives. Will you help too?

Find out more at

Art Direction by Pete Jones


Club Lloyds reminder letter

This was a never-going-to-leave-the agency-idea that left the agency.

The brief was for a reminder to account holders who still hadn’t signed up to the benefits of Club Lloyds. 

It fell plumb in the middle of the Brexit referendum. Although it was just a joke line I wrote we drew it up presented it internally. The suits/planners just laughed it off. However the creative group heads insisted on presenting it, a brave client loved it and a more senior brave client ran it.

Truth be told the clients were really fucking pleased and sighted it as the kind of work they wanted to see more of from  Proximity.

Agency mock up as I got the boot a week later. Theres gratitude for you.



Art Direction by Pete Jones


Halifax prize draw reminder letter

This brief called for a letter nudging saving account holders to register in order to be included in a monthly draw. They had to have a certain amount in their account, so many of them only needed to top up a few ££.

Somehow 3 pieces of layout pad taped together felt closer to the excitement of winning big. So again the group heads presented it and it ran. At a reduced size ...lack of budget to do it large size as seen here.

What went out the door didn’t do it justice. If only the planners talked to the team before writing he brief.

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Writer Diana Williams

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