Art Direction by Pete Jones


The Old Man & the Sea Award

This was an internal agency award handed out to the brief that promised the most but delivered the least.

Ive sat through so many fist pumping big swinging dick briefings and worked through weekends where all that was needed was a press ad and letter.

If you’ve never read it, this fable tells of an old fisherman down on his luck until he rows way out and catches the biggest Marlin ever. He hitches it to he boat and rows home. Through the nights the sharks attack. When he finally does reach home all he has left is the head and the giant tail.  


Art Direction by Pete Jones


Cross track

Paris may be 280 miles from London but by train its only 5 stops.

Special build tube poster for Kings Cross.

Art Direction by Pete Jones



What if Volvo owned safer roads as well as safer cars?

Fart is the Swedish for speed so with a bit of a mash up with English this seemed a good place to start. 

What seems a fun teaser campaign could easily turn much more serious with Volvo pressing for more speed cameras...better to lose your licence than your life.

Maybe Volvo could offer free online speed awareness courses, I’ve been on a course and I did learn a huge amount. Why wait until you’re caught speeding to go on a course?

Using outdoor would get the message out to all drivers.

Art Direction by Pete Jones


British Airways national press

Placement at Saatchis, helping out on a brief for Gatwick. Checked in at Victoria, passengers could get off the train and straight onto the plane. Think the visual said it all.

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